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Pivan provides advanced training and analytics for amateur and competitive gaming athletes, powered by computer vision and AI.

We are obsessed with applying the newest, unique and most powerful technologies to the eSports industry.

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The single most effective tool for  Gamers!

We are creating the gym equipment for eSports athletes. There are 100s of millions of dollars of prize money and celebrity level careers at stake in the industry, and we are on a mission to provide to the average amateur or competitive eSports gamer the tools they need to complete at that level.

We have a massive vision and have thought of just countless application for our tech, but right now we are hyper-focused creating the premier training solution for one game – Fortnite.

What are we doing right now?

2019 Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, powered by Techstars!

We are hiring!

We are constantly looking for amazing people to join our team. Currently, we have a couple positions open in Boulder, CO. However, if you want to be involved, we will happily look at all opportunities.

Data Scientist / Computer Vision Engineer

We are looking for a superstar data scientist with experience developing unique computer vision models.

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Front-end Software Engineer

We want to provide a comfortable, engaging, and seamless user experience for our platform. As such, we are looking for a front-end engineer, with experience in ReactJS, amoung other things.

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Front-end Intern / Associate

Entry-level? No problem! If you are looking for a shorter-term gig, that can give you hand-on experience developing exciting UI elements, and developing our UX, we, have the job, for you.

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